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Day Trip Itineraries

See below for a full list of our offerings


Our crater lakes day tour begins with a pick-up from your hotel in Fort Portal at 9:00AM. We first drive 11km to our first crater lake, Lake Nkuruba. There, we'll hopefully spot four types of monkeys, including the Black and White Colobus, Red Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys and Red-Tailed monkeys. We'll descend through a forest to the crater lake below, and then begin a long ascent to the "Top of the World" where (on a clear day) we will have a view of three crater lakes, Kibale National Park, the Rwenzori lower ranges, Queen Elizabeth National Park, as well as Fort Portal City Centre. From the "Top of the World" we'll travel to the south of Fort Portal where we will visit more crater lakes and end with a steep descent to Mahoma Waterfalls, fed by the First Glacier Lake in the Rwenzori Mountains. It is possible to swim in some of the crater lakes. (Approximate trip length: ~6-7 hours).

Included: transport, food, water, and entrance fees.

Not included: tips for guides. 

Price: USD $50 per person; for groups of 3 or more, $35 per person for a group of 4-5.


This trip begins in Fort Portal, where your guide will pick you up at your hotel at 7:00AM. You will then drive 36Km UWA headquarters  where you will register your visit and receive a 15-minute briefing from the National Park Rangers.

After the briefing, the National Park rangers  will take you onto the chimpanzee trails. The National Park Rangers track the chimpanzees, so some days trekking will begin from the briefing spot, on other days we will continue driving into the park to different trailheads. The trekking begins at 8:00AM and ends at 11:00AM (3 hours total).

After tracking, your Trek Rwenzori tour guide will bring you back to your hotel. (Approximate trip length: ~5 hours). 

Included: transport, water, chimpanzee tracking fee, national park park entrance which is 200$ per person and habituation experience is 250$ per person

Not included: food/snacks, tips for guides. 

Price: USD $249 per person. 



This day tour begins in Fort Portal at 6:00AM, where your professional safari guide will pick you up from your hotel.

You will drive 90km to the Equator, where you  will enjoy a photo shoot and experiment on how the world rotates. Next, you will drive a short distance to park entrance where you will get a good view of Lake George, Kikorongo, and a panoramic view of the park, including where you will be spending the day tracking the "Big Four" (lions, elephants, leopards, cape buffaloes).

There, You  will pay the park entrance and begin our game drive around 8:00AM. After approximately 2 and a half hours, you  will reach Kasenyi where we will have breakfast and you will have the opportunity to purchase crafts. The drive lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours, during which time we will see different wildlife and the beautiful landscape  of Queen Elizabeth National Park.


After the game drive, we will drive to one of the Tourists restaurant in kazinga channel for hot lunch. After lunch at 2:00pm, You will go to kazinga Channel for the boat safari, the Boat safari goes for 2 hour covering 41Km.

During the boat safari expect to sport a big number of water such as Hipos, Buffaloes, African Elephants, Crocodiles, Nile monitor lizards, Because the channel is a focal point point for the game viewing expect to see land mammals that you will have missed during the morning game drive including Hynnas, bush back, water back, Wothhog, Bush pig to mention but a few.

You will sport a big number of water  birds including immigrant birds from you home country if you are a birder. You will be listening the whole history of the park, people around the park and you will have a day to remember in life.

At 4:00pm, you will return to the starting of the boat trip to meet your safari guide driver then proceed to your next destination. 

Included: transport, game drive, boat cruise, breakfast, lunch, water, guides, park entrance. 

Not included: dinner, tips for guides, crafts.

Price: USD $160 per person joining a group OF 2-3 people.

Private: USD $260



Central Circuit Trail to Lake Mahoma

This day trip begins at 6:40AM when your Trek Rwenzori tour guide picks you up from your hotel. Together, we'll drive 80km to Rwenzori Mountain National Park where we'll register and wait for our briefing from the National Park Rangers.

After the briefing, around 9:00AM we'll start the hike and move through different vegetation zones including grassland, Montana, hether, and a bamboo forest. Along the way, we'll be able to see the Portal Peaks, followed by the Mount Baker, Wiseman, and--on a clear day you can see part of Mount Stanley. As we're walking through the forests, we'll pass rivers, waterfalls, and we may be able to see different primate species including blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus, Chimpanzees (Not habituated) and of course many unique bird species.


The hike is moderate, and no technical skills are required. You will be hiking between 2561 and 3000m above sea level. Our final destination on the hike is the Glacial Lake, Mahoma. After enjoying the view and taking pictures, we'll begin our descent along the same route. After descending we'll drive back to Fort Portal, arriving at the hotel sometime between 7:00 and 8:00PM. (Approximate trip length: ~12 hours).

Included: transport, lunch, water, snacks, park entrance fees, National Park ranger (required), Trek Rwenzori guide. 

Not included: packed breakfast, tips for guides. 


What to bring: hiking boots, rain jacket, packed breakfast, backpack. 

Price: USD $150 per person. $130 per person for groups of 2-3. For larger groups (4+ people), $90 per person. 

*We recommend the Central Circuit trail to Lake Mahoma, however we also offer an additional day hike in Rwenzori Mountain National Park on the Karangura trail. 


This day hike begins with a pick-up from your hotel in Fort Portal at 8:00AM. We drive one hour to Karugutu where we will begin our hike in the Rwenzori Mountain Lower Ranges. The hike takes 6-8 hours in total (option to reduce to 4 hours) and we reach a height of 1500-2000M depending on the pace of the group. We begin in the lower mountain ranges and end walking through cocoa, coffee, and vanilla plantations.

Included: transport, lunch, water, snacks, Trek Rwenzori guide. 

Not included: breakfast, tips for guides. 


What to bring: sun screen, hats, hiking shoes/boots, rain jacket, backpack. 

Price: $30 (if using public transportation); $45 (for private transportation) per person.


This day trip begins at 9:00am with a pick-up at your hotel in Fort Portal. We drive through the western rift valley system, Rwenzori mountain lower ranges through the biological corrido of Budibujyo shape cones which gives amazing views of the natural land scape, approximately 50km to Sempaya hot springs. 

Arrive and  pay the entrance fee and receive a briefing from the Uganda Wildlife Authority Park Rangers.

Next explore the "female" hot springs, where you will have a chance to boil eggs or any other fresh foods from the boiling sports, then walk through the forest to the larger "male" hot springs all while enjoying wild life, birds and the tropical rain forest and learning more about the park.


After enjoying the springs (not for bathing) we will travel to Amabere Caves where you will be able to see stalagmites and stalagatites together, as well as a water fall. From the caves we will do a short hike to see 3 crater lakes and return to the hotel 4:00pm 

Included: transport, water, snacks, park entrance,  Amabere Caves entrance fee, Trek Rwenzori guide. 

Not included: breakfast, packed lunch, tips for guides. 


What to bring: eggs (for boiling in the springs), sunscreen, walking shoes, rain jacket, camera. 

Price: $100 per person and 87$ per person without Caves and crater lakes.


This day trip begins with a pick-up from your hotel in Fort Portal followed by a 2-hour drive to Kasese. There, we will continue driving shortly into the Rwenzori lower ranges to Kiwa Heritage Hot Springs. Once at the springs, you will have the option to go for a 2-hour hike, or head straight to the pools for swimming! After enjoying the hot springs, we will have a late lunch in Kasese Town before returning to Fort Portal. 

Included: transport, water, snacks, tea, late lunch, Kiwa Heritage entrance fee, Trek Rwenzori guide. 

Not included: breakfast, packed lunch (optional), massage at Kiwa Heritage, tips for guides. 


What to bring: bathing suit*, towel, flip-flops, sunscreen, walking shoes, rain jacket, camera. *bathing suits available for hire at Kiwa

Price: $45 per person ($30 per person for groups of 3+)


This day trip of chimpanzee habituation experience will take you closer to Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest. You will spend much more hours with these apes teaching them  to get used to the human and learning their behaviors and life, taking videos a and shooting memorable photo ties.

You will be picked up from you hotel in Fort portal or near by kibale forest at 5:30am to Kibale headquarters and where you will meet your  ranger guides and potters for short brief on dos and don’ts when you reach Chimpanzees in their natural habitat, then start the walk at 6:30am.


Wake up 5:10am prepare yourselves with your packed breakfast, meet your professional safari guide driver at 5:30am in Fort portal then drive to kibale national park head office, where you will register and attend a briefing with Uganda wild life authority ranges/guides and potters.


At 6:30am, Uganda wild life authority ranger guide together with potters will lead you to the chimpanzee habituation experience. where you will spend 4-6hours with chimpanzees in tropical rain forest while with chimpanzees leaning their full behaviors, taking videos and shooting photos. After 4-6 hours. Uganda wild life ranger guide together with potters will bring you back to office for graduation then proceed to your hotel in Fort portal for the hot lunch.


End of Chimpanzees habituation experience in Kibale. Forest-Good luck!.

Price: 285$ per person

General information:

Chimp habituation permit is 250$ per person

Chimp tracking permit is 200$ from 2022-2024 for more information download the tariff from Uganda wildlife authority 2022-2024.

What to bring Facemasks, closed shoes, long pants, rain jackets and 1.5 bottled drinking water.


our price includes transport by car, permits per person and bottled drinking water. 


We can arrange all of the following day trips, please inquire for the most up-to-date prices:

  • Fort Portal Cultural Tour (including visits to Amabere Caves, crater lakes, Omukama (King's) Palace) 

  • Tooro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve game drive/boat ride/primate walk

  • Tooro Kokasemera day hike from Amabere Caves to Kyaninga Crater Lake (17km) 

  • Rwagimba Hot Springs in Rwenzori National Park

  • Mountain biking at Crown Hill, Fort Portal

  • Visit Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary

  • Nature and birding walks in the western Rift Valley 

  • Visit traditional medicinal healers and breweries​

Do you have a day trip in mind that you're not seeing here? 

Let us know and we can customize an outing for you​! 


Thanks! Message sent.

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