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1 Day mabamba swamp shoebill watching

Shoe bill stock watching in Lake Victoria Mabamba swamp

Mabamba Swamp, located 50km from Kampala, is a prime wetland birding site, best known for
its spectacular Shoebill Stork si
ghtings. The swamp, however, has a lot more to offer to the
seasoned birder, with more than 300 bird species: Papyrus Gonolek, Swamp Flycatcher, Lesser
Jacana, Purple Swamphen and African Pygmy Goose to Mention but a few.

The drive to Mabamba Swamp should take about an hour and a half depending on traffic.

 An early departure is recommended to avoid Kampala traffic, and will allow you to make the most
of your time in the wetland.

Most of the time will be spent in a motorised canoe within the swamp/bay area, where an experienced boat crew will guide you through the numerous inlets, helping you identify the bird
species within the swamp. If you have a specific bird you are looking for, please inform us in advance.

Have breakfast 6:00am then start on your journey west out of Kampala, towards Mabamba
Swamp. The drive should take about an hour and a half, depending on traffic if you are in 
Entebbe areas our professional guide will meet you at 7:00am and drive 10 /minutes to the landing site where you will board a motorized boat to the swamp in search for the shoebill and
other aquatic birds.

10:30-11:00am After shoebill viewing the motorized boat man will bring you back to the landing
site to meet your driver guide and proceed to kampala or Entebbe for the hot lunch.

WHAT WE SUGGEST YOU BRING: Insect repellent, sun screen, plenty of drinking
water/snacks, binoculars, camera equipment, rain coat and any other personal affects.


1 PAX    $200

2 PAX    $150 PER PERSON

3 PAX    $130 PER PERSON

4 PAX    $100 PER PERSON

5 PAX    $75  PER PERSON


  • Transport to and from Kampala/Entebbe

  • Snacks

  • bottled water

  • Entry and guiding fees

  • no other extra cost

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